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microbiology_cr's Journal

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Class: Microbiology
Professor: Hatori Souma


This class will be divided up into three time slots: 1 for each exam, and then of course there will be a final exam. Each section will have labs along with it and students will be expected to attend class for points. Attendance will be taken daily.


I. We sill study the biological basics of bacteria and viruses. This will include prokaryotic cell structure, bacterial nutrition/metabolism and growth; viral structure, classification, replication.

II. In this section we will consider infectious agents and how they cause disease; how diseases become epidemics; how your body fights against infectious agents.

III. In this section, we will consider various infectious diseases according to the system where they manifest themselves.

Course Exams:

3 Exams; 1 Cumulative Final
archaea, bacteria, bacterial nutrition, cells, classification, disease, dna, epidemiology, eubacteria, eukaryotes, genome sequence, infection, metabolism and growth, microbes, microbiology, nucleotide, photosynthesis, prions, proteins, replication, rna, viral structure, viroids, viruses